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Staff and Students at Springboard Education are celebrating our most recent Ofsted Inspection Report as we have been rated ‘Good’ in all areas, with Safeguarding receiving the highest grade of Effective. 

The report states that pupils look forward to coming to school, they feel safe, and their needs are well understood. Behaviour and attendance is good and bullying is rarely an issue.  

Leaders have rapidly improved the school since the previous standard inspection in July 2022 when it was rated inadequate. Headteacher Leanne Jarvis commented “I am extremely proud of the staff who have worked hard to embed the new vision and purpose for our school community. The inspectors were able to see the changes made and our goals for the future. They understood our specialist approach that give our students the best possible chances. Our students are given a range of different experiences throughout their time at school, preparing them for their adult life”. 

The report also noted that Reading is a priority and pupils are given plenty of opportunities to read or be read too. Teachers select texts carefully, to engage pupils. Pupils were eager to discuss with the inspectors their learning and how staff use several strategies to make learning successful. 

Parents and Carers have supported the school and spoke with the inspectors to express how important the school is to their families, commenting ‘The staff are exceptional’ ‘The school has transformed my child and his future looks brighter’. 

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