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 School staff

Senior Leadership



Simon Yorke - Johnson

Headteacher – Strategic leadership & management of school

01903 605980

SENCo, Exams, Officer, Office Admin






Paul Doo

English and ASDAN ~ Full-time. Exams Officer.

Mark Davies

Maths and Science ~ Part-time Mon - Fri am

Fajri Aitken

ASDAN and ICT/Computing ~ Full- time.

Niki Loversidge

Outdoor Ed/ Premises /Health and Safety/1st Aid ~ Full-time

Ang Harrocks

LAC worker/ EPW/ Family outreach/1st Aid ~ Full-time



Other Team Members



Teresa Ward Office admin p/t M, T, Th Fr.







Judy Packham

Co-Director / Finance / Health and Safety 07944 366714

Jeremy Cross

Co-Director/ Child Protection Officer/ Health and Safety 07525 444865