Child Protection

Child Protection Policy

The designated adult for Child Protection is Mr. Cross. There is a detailed Child Protection Policy, which is also available from the school office with 24 hours notice. It is the Directors duty to ensure the policy is reviewed annually and any deficiencies within the policy addressed immediately. Certain staff have had appropriate child protection training, which is updated at least every three years.

The behaviour policy includes a statement on physical restraint. This school follows DfES guidelines 10/98 which asserts that physical restraint may be used if there is the possibility that a child may be about to cause harm to him/ herself or to another. It also asserts that on no occasion should such physical contact be used as a punishment.

All allegations of abuse by or complaints of a teacher will be dealt with following the Area Child Protection Committee procedures. A copy of this is available at 24 hours notice. For any complaints about the Headteacher the Directors should be contacted directly.

Child Protection Policy 2017,  click here to download a WORD doc.
Child Protection Policy 2017,  click here to read pdf.