Behaviour policy

Behaviour policy

Good behaviour is essential in any community and at Springboard we have high expectations for this. Parents and pupils are made aware of the rewards and sanctions available to staff. Although the emphasis is always on the positive there are also times when children have to be disciplined in order to maintain the safety and security of all children.

There are numerous rewards available to children, but also there are a range of Sanctions.



 Stickers  An incremental system of warnings
 Showing another teacher good work  Being removed from the class
 Coins  Loss of playtime
 Certificates  Reporting to a senior member of staff
 Prizes  A letter home

Staff are discouraged from handling children, but when they deem it is safest to do so guidance has been given on safe methods of restraining a child so that they do not harm either themselves or others.

Behaviour Support Strategies

 Consistent tones of voice and phrases used by all staff
 Staff trained in issues around attachment and loss
 Staff trained in SEN impacting on behaviour
 Consistent, specific verbal praise and support
 Daily group time to support speaking and listening and group culture
 Short chunked lessons, visually supported where possible
 Activity based learning
 Short lunch break - 30 minutes
 1:1 paired and small group learning support
 Differentiated learning based on idividual assessment
 Consistently available 1:1 pastoral input to listen to pupil issues and concerns
 Consistent reference to 'dragon rules' and learning objectives, see below.
Individual and group behaviour reviewed after each learning and social session throughout day with reference to 'dragon rules'.


Dragon Rules

 Use Respectful Language
 Speak kindly
 Work hard trying your best
 Look after things
 Care for others' feelings
  • Consistent awarding of individual dots on ‘dragon chart’ for a positive session based on dragon rules above
  • Prize awarded for completion of dragon chart
  • Group marble awarded for positive group behaviour and group mutual support
  • Visual two pences docked for repeated inappropriate behaviour and damages with reference to dragon rules (up to 20p per day, each week begin with £1) Individual charts displayed , potential for up to £1 in real money awarded at end of week for persistent rule following
  • Next break/activity missed if all coins lost on previous day
  • Certificate awarded for exceptionally positive behaviour
  • Self esteem and team building through differentiated, progressive learning tasks and a variety of social, sport and art activities
  • Telephone calls home for significantly appropriate and inappropriate behaviour
  • Persistent discussions around behaviour and consequences on self and others
  • Overt teaching in personal development
  • Personal Social and Health Education 1 x week
  • Social Use of Language Programme 1 x week
  • Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning 1 x week
  • Speech and language development 1x week
  • Emotional literacy 1 x week
  • Play/talk session 1 x week
  • Time out encouraged for inappropriate behaviour Internal exclusions for inappropriate behaviour
  • Strong links with parents/carers and all involved agencies