Admissions Policy

 School Admissions Policy

Springboard Junior School is registered  with the DFE to admit up to 10 pupils from the ages of 5 to 13.  The primary criteria for admission are twofold;

1)    That we are able to meet the needs of the pupil to a high standard

2)    That the education of the existing students will not be adversely affected by admitting the new pupil

Pupils who are Looked After may be prioritised if we can meet their needs as we have particular expertise in liaising with and supporting foster carers and children’s homes.

Following a successful tender process to become preferred providers, admissions are made for West Sussex pupils according to the Dynamic Placement System procedure, in the categories of ASC, BESD and MLD.

Pupils from East Sussex and Brighton & Hove are referred more informally, but all are subject to our rigorous initial procedures which are consistent to all new referrals:

As with all referrals, on receiving the referral paperwork and supporting information, the staff team assess initial suitability; if we feel we may be able to match the individual’s needs we first seek to arrange a meeting with the pupil and parent or carer. If this is not appropriate, views are sought over the phone with the offer of a visit at their convenience.

We always prefer the meeting to be at our school where there is an opportunity to see the facilities and meet other members of staff on an informal level; an initial home visit is arranged if we and parent or carer feel it was appropriate. This is discussed in an initial phone call.

The head always outlines what we offer, giving an overview of our systems and our expectations. We enquire about the pupil’s strengths and weaknesses, previous problem areas/triggers and effective strategies. A discussion about the need for parent/pupil investment in the placement would also take place. 

In preparation and planning for transition we first study paperwork and contact the pupil’s previous/current educational placement, social worker and CAMHS worker. If the pupil is still at his current educational placement (or has left) we would also visit or contact them. Having assessed all this information we would then be able to identify what other information was required by us to work effectively with the individual. We set up taster sessions at Springboard; initially most new pupils have limited contact with the other children, working 1:1 with our staff in a separate room and gradually given the opportunity to experience the more formal learning sessions alongside other pupils.

Following admission, we establish a daily 2 way telephone/e-mail handover routine with the parents.  We also maintain contact via our termly newsletter, minimum of termly parent consultations, termly parent invitation to school trips/events and ½ termly parent/pupil in school cooking sessions.